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Main features of AVA360VR

This is a list of some of the key features of AVA360VR according to different categories, with links and some indication of whether or not there is a tutorial video (📼) or 'VolCap' (🌐) available in the Demo Package. Note that all the VolCaps are also available to download rendered as flat 2D videos, but these videos cannot be included in the Demo Package because of space restrictions. Instead, they are available for individual download from the release page on GitHub. The VolCaps are 50 to 100 times smaller in MBytes than the equivalent video. Besides making immersive VolCap Tutorials, the main purpose of this rich feature is for qualitative researchers to capture their live analyses volumetrically, replay them in 3D and share them with others to replay (and re-enact) immersively at a later date. One could compare it to transplanar, volumetric CGI scenes found in cinema and television, such as Star Trek, The Matrix, Ready Player One, Soul, Made for Love, The Flight Attendant, WandaVision and Raised by Wolves.

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