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How to install and run AVA360VR

From GitHub you will be able to download the latest build release of AVA360VR and run it from Windows 10 on your computer.

Note that the AVA360VR software package is closed-source (build only) and is free to use for non-commercial purposes. Unauthorised use, distribution or alteration of the code is not permitted. Copyright (c) 2021 BigSoftVideo.

To use AVA360VR, your computer system and VR gear will need to fulfil certain requirements.


You will need a fast VR-ready PC laptop (eg. a gaming laptop) with Windows 10. AVA360VR now works with most mid- to high-end VR headsets with six-degrees of freedom controllers. We have tested successfully with the following headsets:

AVA360VR should work with any VR headset that supports SteamVR, including Windows Mixed Reality and Oculus. If you are unsure if you have a compatible laptop/workstation and VR headset/controllers, then just ask us.

You will need to install Steam and Steam VR with the relevant VR software for your headset, eg. Windows Mixed Reality, Viveport or Oculus. An account will have to be created for Steam (and also for other software to be able to use some VR headsets).

You will need to setup the room space so tracking will work with your headset and controllers.

Downloading AVA360VR

Download the latest build release from GitHub.

After you have downloaded the current release of AVA360VR, you should also download the latest DEMO PACKAGE.zip files. If you have already done so, then there is no need to download it again unless there is an update. This package includes all the help tutorials and a demonstration project.

Installing AVA360VR

Unzip the release of AVA360VR that you downloaded to a folder on your computer, preferably a fast SSD drive (internal or external). There is no need to install the software. Just locate the AVA360VR.exe file in the root folder and launch the application.

Running AVA360VR

If you are running the correct VR software with SteamVR, and the VR headset and controllers are recognised and tracked, then AVA360VR will load a menu screen so you can load your demo project.

See the help and demo projects to get started with some pre-prepared projects with open data that are public under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.