DOTE (Distributed Open Transcription Environment)

Guide for DOTE users

Import transcript from 3rd party sources (JSON file)

It is possible to import a transcript generated by 3rd party software, such as another transcription tool or speech recognition software. We only directly support MacWhisper at present, which can export a transcript in the correct JSON format suitable for DOTE. See the MacWhisper website for more details. Currently, MacWhisper only works on macOS (and not all OS versions). A Windows version is forthcoming. Note that DOTE has no relations

Prepare the JSON file by exporting the chosen transcript from the 3rd party software. If you are using MacWhisper, then after processing of the audio file, one option is to Export to DOTE. To initiate the import in DOTE, select Import Transcript from JSON from the File menu.

After selecting a file from your computer, if the JSON format is not recognised, then an error will be given.

If the JSON format is correct, then there are two options when importing the file:

  1. Remove punctuation from the text strings.
  2. Remove capitalisation from the initial character on each line (if present).

Import JSON

The transcript will be imported into the currently open Transcript, so if you wish to import into a blank Transcript, then first use New Transcript from the File menu.

For reference, the JSON file that is to be imported into DOTE should take the following form:

	"lines": [      // An array of JSON objects
			"startTime": string;            "00:00:00.000"          // hour:min:sec:millisecond
			"endTime": string;              "00:00:00.000"          // hour:min:sec:millisecond
			"speakerDesignation": string;   "Speaker 1"             // Some unique designation of the speaker of the given line of text
			"text": string;                 "The line of text"