DOTE (Distributed Open Transcription Environment)

Guide for DOTE users

Video Tutorials

We are producing a range of informative video tutorials to help you get familiar with the amazing functionality of DOTE. The videos are available on our YouTube channel.

The video tutorials mostly come in two flavours: a basic version and an advanced version. We have created more than 40 online videos (6 hours of delicious content), including:

How to transcribe using DOTE (playlist)

Top Tips (playlist) 🎩


We will be adding to this list when we upload new 🆕 video tutorials to our YouTube channel.

DOTE-specific tutorial projects

We are also producing tutorials as importable DOTE-specific Projects. These tutorial projects can be stored locally and opened while transcribing using DOTE. Just open the relevant tutorial project, jump to a specific section of the video, view the instructions, and then reopen the transcript you were working on (eg. from the "Five most recent Transcripts" list in Project Manager panel).

You can download them here or from the archive of DOTE-specific tutorials on the releases page.

DOTE Tutorial

Use DOTE to import each Project into your MY DOTE PROJECTS folder, for example. When you are done importing, you can just open the Transcript in the Project using File/Open Transcript using the Project Manager, and you will see a hyperlinked version of the video with a table of contents in the Editor panel. Click on a sync-code to jump to that topic in the video. The video also zooms in and out to focus on the topic at hand (using video-cues). Simple as that! 👌