DOTE (Distributed Open Transcription Environment)

Guide for DOTE users

Help guide for release v1.0.5

This help guide provides you with instructions to get started with basic and more advanced transcription tasks using DOTE. The help guide gives guidance on all features and functionality, including the DOTE Pro Edition. Some of the functionality described will not be available in the free Edition of DOTE. See the comparison chart on our webshop.

Where are the release notes?

The release notes for the current release are on GitHub, as are release notes for earlier versions.

How to download and install DOTE

DOTE can be installed on the Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS desktop platforms.

DOTE Lego demo Project

Try the DOTE Lego demo Project. There are two Transcript versions according to Jeffersonian and Mondadaian conventions.

Help pages on using DOTE

Here is a list of help tutorials on specific topics:

Browse our DOTE video tutorials

We have made a bunch of video tutorials you can view to learn how to use DOTE.

User bug reports

How to enter a bug report issue if you find anything that doesn't seem to work.

In many cases it helps us if you attach the DOTE logfile to the bug report. The folder on your computer in which the logfiles are stored can be accessed by the link under the Help menu.

User feature requests

How to enter an idea you have for a feature or enhancement to DOTE.

Tracking bugs and features as a user

You will be able to track bugs and features in our project board.

Suggestions for help pages and tutorials

Please submit a suggestion for how we can improve the help pages and guide, as well as ideas for video tutorials.

Using our DISCORD server

If you are using the free edition of DOTE, then there are some public channels on our Discord server. We cannot guarantee that we have time to respond to everything posted in these free public channels.

If you have purchased the license for the DOTE Pro Edition, then you will be invited to a private Discord channel for Pro features on our server. You will be able to share ideas and experiences quickly, and to fix issues interactively with other users and the developers.

If you have purchased the license for the DOTE Pro Community Edition, then you will be invited to several private Discord channels on our server, as well as our private GitHub repo for early beta releases, testing and feedback.

How to cite DOTE

If you are using DOTE for transcription, then we would appreciate that you cite it where appropriate.