DOTE (Distributed Open Transcription Environment)

Guide for DOTE users

Video and audio playback

There are two ways to playback the media associated with the current DOTE project.


  1. Use the video transport buttons above the main timeline.
  2. Use the shortcuts, see below. Note: over over the buttons and you will see the relevant shortcut.
  • To play and pause the video, press CTRL+SPACE [+N on macOS].
  • To play the video and return on pause to the current position of the playhead in the timeline.
    • CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE [++N on macOS]
  • To jump back, press CTRL+J [+J] and to jump forwards press CTRL+K. Add the SHIFT or key to jump by a bigger interval.
    • CTRL+J/+J = 1 second back
    • CTRL+SHIFT+J/++J = 4 seconds back
    • CTRL+K/+K = 1 second forward
    • CTRL+SHIFT+K/++K = 4 seconds forward
  • To step forward or backwards by one frame (may skip a frame)
    • CTRL+ALT+J or [++J] = one frame back
    • CTRL+ALT+K or [++K] = one frame forward

See the guide to using the Timeline for help on looping.

The speed of the playback cannot be changed in the current release. A later release will add functionality to modify the playback speed using the UI and shortcuts.

A complete list of commands and shortcuts is available. Some shortcuts can be reassigned in the Settings to other key combinations.